Adjacent to the Chobe National Park and Kasane Forest Reserve, and spanning across borders into Zimbabwe, you will find a unique wilderness area in the Chobe Region known as the Seloko Plains. The area is an important wildlife corridor, which hosts vast open areas of grassland savanna, providing grazing habitat for various wildlife. Surrounding the grassland plains, and in some places intersecting them, are large forested areas. This variety of habitats within the Seloko Plains lends itself to a diversity of wildlife, where unique sightings of gemsbok, roan, eland, sable, and tsessebe, can be made, that may not have been viewed on safaris closer to the Chobe River.


The Seloko Plains is a relatively untouched wilderness area, with no Camps or Lodges, minimal road network, and only light human encroachment on the fringes. The remoteness and inaccessibility of the area during the wet season, due to the predominant cotton clay soils, creates what can best be described as a sanctuary for the wildlife.

The operations of AirVentures will aim to take care of, and preserve this pristine environment, through the utilisation of eco-friendly operating procedures, that benefit the environment, wildlife, and the communities within the region. The offering of hot air balloon rides over the plains will promote the significance of the area through its use as a sustainable economically viable tourism product that ultimately helps to protect this vital habitat for the wildlife living and moving through it. AirVentures employs all of its staff for the day to day operations from communities living within the Chobe Region.